Hey, let me let you in on a secret - it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing if it is  stopping you from doing what you are passionate about . So whatever you are telling yourself about your abilities, you need to challenge that. We have a tendency to glorify others and in turn, minimize ourselves. We are our own worst critics! Because of this, we see others as better or more glamorous than us. We are all special, we are all unique, we are all capable of doing great things.  YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION . So stop telling yourself you can’t or you’ll never be as good as. Take time to see the truth. Debunk those limiting beliefs. They are an excellent form of procrastination from being your best you.        Helpful Tactics: Be on the lookout for anytime you doubt yourself and challenge it. When you catch yourself in those nasty though patterns say “Why can’t I?” or “Who am I NOT to be the expert?” and truly dig deep. The more layers of the onion that get peeled off the more you see your true self. You are capable of anything.       STEP 3: Replace those limiting beliefs with positivity!      Combat any negative comparison thoughts with self-love. Put pen to paper and write down what makes you shine, what excites you, what motivates you, what is unique about you that most people don’t know. You can promote more of these positive and empowering thoughts by creating an awesome morning routine that will set you up for naturally born successes throughout the day. Get our Motivated Morning Routine Guide Here.     Helpful Tactics: Make a vision board that makes you feel excited about your future and what you have to offer that you can look at on the reg.          STEP 4: Remind yourself DAILY how incredible and talented you are!
  The comparison game habit is not an easy one to break, so you want to make it easy for yourself to create a new habit of self love and empowerment to take its place. If you’ve been at this game for a while and you’re a champ at it, which most people are, it’s going to take some time to get into these new thought patterns. Make it easy for yourself to remember!       Helpful Tactics: Say an affirmation that you say before your feet even hit the ground in the morning “I am powerful beyond belief. Nothing is out of the realm of possibilities.” Start a journaling practice in the morning. Put your vision board someplace you see it every day.       If life has got you frazzled try out making a vision board or creating a morning routine with us and you’ll be back to calm, zen and focused in no time.
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